What people Have To say After Experiecing our programs...

"Amazing program"

Amazing program. It has changed my life. You will never come to know what life is actually about until you do this. Too good!

Rupal Sanghvi

Family Business Owner

"I feel complete from within"

"This program helped me a lot to get open up in front of people. Actually express my emotions and get over my Fears. I feel an energy, condence and happiness. And I feel complete from within. Thank you so so somuch!"

Dr Nupur Kanchan


"what you have done, no one was able to do it"

"I have attended many personal development programs, including Landmark Forum and international speakers. But what you have done, no one was able to do it. Thank You!"

Sumit Jain

Business Owner

The session inspired me to tap my inner strength and face the future with confidence. Thanks a ton!

Clara Fernandes

Faculty, NMIMS

First of all I must congratulate Mr. Badri and honestly parents are lucky to be learning these techniques. I am very impressed with his appraoch. God bless people like him.

Dr. RK Anand

Author of "Guide To Child Care"

"not a commercial program. It has touched my life."

Case Studies Of Transformation

"In my eyes, you are nothing but a savior."

Its been almost 5 years since I've attended Alive & Fearless. I was initially a lost chap, always unhappy and ungrateful, not knowing what to do with my life.

In my eyes, you are nothing but a savior. You showed me a path towards development. You gave me the desire to grow & learn. You gave me faith & courage to dream bigger and you gave me hope to keep going.

Napoleon Hill used to speak about how he would have a counsel with all his role models in his mind. I used to do the same. But keeping you as my role model.

Sir even if I thank you a million times over it still wouldn't be enough because you had given me a new life and gave me the tools to forge a new identity for myself.
It is because of you that my friends started respecting me and other people started noticing and liking me.
It is because of you that I am the presentable person I am today.
It is because of you that I even started praying and have such a strong faith in God.
It is because of you that I am now always thinking about how to make my society & world a better place.

- Ammar, Entrepreneur 
(A&F Graduate June 2011)

"I always remember the words which Murtaza sir used to say..."

Since school days I was very passionate about my career in teaching. I had stage fear and was not able to speak in front of the crowd and this fear was an obstacle in pursuing my career. I had given so many interviews but I was rejected due to my stage fear and confidence.

Then I had to find solution to my problem and somehow I got to know about this Alive and Fearless Intensive workshop and I registered there with the positive feeling of Life transformation.

The Alive & Fearless Intensive workshop was truly amazing. I learnt so many things with lots of activities. The activities were like fun dose in the workshop. And it created an excitement for learning. It really affected my life. And from then I declared myself as POSITIVE, SMART & FEARLESS person. And I am working on it.

Since then I gave several interviews being POSITIVE, SMART & FEARLESS with no fear of failure with full confidence and positivity and I was selected in ORCHIDS –THE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. Which was the first step towards success. I always remember the words which Murtaza sir used to say “IF YOU FACE YOUR FEAR IT WILL DISAPPEAR”.

- Batul, Teacher and Homemaker

"Enlightened my journey helping me enjoy the same"

In 2012, Heard Murtaza bhai in one of the TNC programs about materialistic mentally of people and what we should look for in the quest of a life partner.

Got to know about the Murtaza Bhai is doing his Alive & Fearless intensive program and was very eager to learn more things from him.

From August 2013, the program has helped me-
1. Overcome negative thoughts and uncertainty about my career,
2. Given me clarity about myself and people around me and
3. Enlightened my journey helping me enjoy the same by following my passion as what I was born to be.

Apart from that, I was also blessed to attend his 10X your business program which has helped me multiply my Taxation business many folds.

I am now training freshers in Accountancy, Taxation and preparing them for their Careers & Interviews by implementing the principles I have learnt being an Alive & Fearless Graduate.

Looking to touch and share these skills with as many candidates as possible..

- Taha, Tax Consulant

"It was a constant battle everyday with me and my soul"

I Had completely lost courage and confidence after my pregnancy.. I thought that my career has just gone for a toss... It was a constant battle everyday with me and my soul whether to do justice to my motherhood or to deal with the guilt of putting a stop to my career, specially in the country (Singapore) where I live women are highly career oriented even after childbirth.

I revised my Alive & Fearless from my booklet which luckily we have kept it handy with us even after years (5 years), picked my broken self up,did few reading, got in touch with the latest trends in my career and came to know that therapist offer online counselling services. Hence made an attempt and started messaging everyone about me offering the same. Here I'm very happy today. Started with counselling clients and looking for many more...

I am alive and I'm fearless

Thank you Murtaza Badri for the constant Inspiration...

- Munira, Business owner & Psychologist

"I was afraid of water... now I am going everyday to learn swimming"

When I get opportunities I don't miss it, MURTAZA bhai Shakir guided me to attend this Alive & Fearless program... and I said to myself "if u don't say yes today this opportunity wouldn't came back." 

Before attending this seminar I used to marry go around the problems, but now I come directly to the point or solution of the problem instead of arguing with people.

I was afraid of water whenever I see a pool of water I would be tensed, but now I am going everyday to learn swimming and bring out the fear of water from my brain. I go every day with confidence that I will learn something new today which I have never tried before.

I participated in this program to gain knowledge, because if you plan to change rotten results into ripe, you should need knowledge to do this transformation.

I learned a big and most important thing to think positive and aim your goal and except what every small gifts given by the universe to reach t goal. We should not over think and make our own stories in our khayali pulav. I am changing myself every day little by little.

- Murtaza Z, Business Owner

"It was totally worth the time, money and effort.

"A perfect gift for myself!"

I did this training to find out tools and techniques to make my life better. After the training, I discovered what and how to live a better life. A perfect gift for myself!

Huzefa R

Software Engineer

"this kind of process no one will teach you"

I have done many programs in TATA, but I have not done such kind of a program in the past. This is altogether a different event because this is having a structured process, and this kind of process no one will teach you.

Mr Balkrishna Kulkarni

Project Manager

"I have started loving myself more than ever"

I have started loving myself more than ever and can't believe the happiness I feel from within. This program has totally given the motivation required to live life at its fullest and in the right way. It's all about the change of the mindset and working towards it and rest of the things will fall in it's place.

Murtaza S

Business Owner

"Training Result is Measurable. Results are Apparent."