We Help Ambitious Individuals Build A Life & Business They Love
Without Compromising Their Happiness, Health Or Identity.

Murtaza Badri

Life & Business Coach

A Life Transformational speaker and Founder of Badri's Life Transformation Academy Pvt.Ltd, Murtaza has impacted well over 500 thousand lives from different backgrounds, age groups, cultures around the world.

His mission is to help individuals build a life and business they want without compromising their happiness, health or identity.

He believes that every individual has the power to be, have & do whatever
their heart desires. The only gap is a lack of imagination and a belief that they cannot.

Life Transformation Activities

Murtaza is a certified Fire-walk Instructor from (FIRE) Fire Institute of Research and Education, Dallas USA, and a certified Facilitator and Trainer from Carlton Advance Management Institute, USA. He is also a certified NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapy practitioner and a Hypnosis Therapy Practitioner from ANLP, UK.


Years Experience

Started coaching and training people at the age of 21.


Strong Community

On social media willing to learn, grow and transform.


Lives Impacted

Via training, coaching, live workshops, community & videos.



Privileged to train and coach people across the globe.

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Murtaza Badri definitely does not have all the answers… but he has enough experience as a father of 3 wonderful kids, a successful life & business coach and a happy husband : ) to help you build your life & business you love!

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What People Say

The session inspired me to tap my inner strength and face the future with confidence. Thanks a ton!

Clara Fernandes

Faculty, NMIMS

First of all I must congratulate Mr. Badri and honestly parents are lucky to be learning these techniques. I am very impressed with his appraoch. God bless people like him.

Dr. RK Anand

Author of "Guide To Child Care"

"Amazing program"

Amazing program. It has changed my life. You will never come to know what life is actually about until you do this. Too good!

Rupal Sanghvi

Family Business Owner

"I feel complete from within"

"This program helped me a lot to get open up in front of people. Actually express my emotions and get over my Fears. I feel an energy, condence and happiness. And I feel complete from within. Thank you so so somuch!"

Dr Nupur Kanchan


"what you have done, no one was able to do it"

"I have attended many personal development programs, including Landmark Forum and international speakers. But what you have done, no one was able to do it. Thank You!"

Sumit Jain

Business Owner

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