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The WALLET Test : Your Wallet Can Say About Your Mindset

I got 2000+ participants to take this test and only 1 disagreed.

This was in Jan this year when I gave two sessions of 1000+ participants each.

It’s basically to test the statement “How you do one thing is how you do every thing”.

and the test is with your Wallet… So quickly grab your wallet and take the test.

High Performance & Life Mastery reflects in each and every area of your life, may it be your wallet or your personal wardrobe.Commit to change one small area of your life and see the ripple effect on all the other areas.

Let me know if you agree or disagree with the test results… or leave me any other comment that you have for this test.

Stay Alive, Stay Fearless!

Dream BIG, Stay Strong.


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The WALLET Test: Your Wallet Can Say About Your Mindset

Hi! This is Murtaza Badri and welcome back to the life transformation blog. In this video, I am going to talk about the Wallet Test. I’m honestly not selling any wallets here. 😀

We’re going to learn about how your wallet can talk about you - it can describe how your life is, how you organize yourself and your life. So it’s very simple; it’s all about your mindset when we talk about success. We know that if somebody could be successful so can I. Where the difference lies, is in the mindset, the belief system and the emotions.

So here I am going to give you a quick test, so pause this video and quickly grab your wallet. Or if you have it around you, just pick it up.

So everyone ready with their wallets? Great!

What you need to do is pick up your wallet and just do a quick scan and take a look at how your wallet is.

1) If your wallet is completely crisp, with all the notes in a sequence- from a higher to lower denominations. Then whether it’s clean –   no clutter. Check whether it’s not torn, or worn out or distorted.

For this case, I bet your personal life also looks the same. If I look at your wardrobe and personal drawer, I will find everything organized, neat and clean. Because that’s what your mindset is, it is highly reflective – an organized, crisp and clean wallet talks about your own mindset. It states that you are a person who likes to keep everything that way. Successful people keep their wallets the same way, as it reflects their mindset. J

2) So now if your wallet is looking a bit cluttered, is old and worn with a distorted shape and form (I have some of that kind here). There’s a thick bunch of visiting cards which you’ve collected since God knows how many years. Your money lays crumpled, that you’ve stuck in whatever fashion. There are bills from last one month, six months.. here comes another note, tickets, your debit/ credit card receipts from a dinner.. you get the drift. Well if your wallet looks like this, crumpled, heavy and fat because of coins dumped too (which is the reason for its sad appearance), it talks about your mindset.

But honestly, it is not that you cannot afford a new wallet, it’s not even that you don’t want to keep your wallet clean, what limits you is your mindset. It’s just the way you are.

Let’s go with another test. Is there a possibility that your wardrobe also looks the same, your drawer too? Is there a possibility that your personal life, relationships, your office space, documents and digital life (laptop data) looks like your wallet?

The thing is, the way your wallet is, if it’s clean, arranged with the cards and money in denomination order, chances are your life is also the same.

So just check your wallet, if you haven’t grabbed it yet, check if it’s true or not and let me know if you agree to what I am saying.

How do I begin to change my mindset? It’s very simple – you can begin by changing your wallet, get a new wallet. 😀 With a new wallet, organize it.

How you do one thing is how you do everything. If your wallet transforms, it immediately has a ripple effect transforming your personal life, your wardrobe, drawer, cupboard, relationships, health, yourself, hygiene, personality, mindset and belief, your career. All the areas of your life suddenly begin to transform.

It might sound a little out there, just changing my wallet will begin to transform my entire life?

Yes, I am saying that! Take my word for it, try it out. Begin cleaning up your wallet, get rid of the clutter and get a nice one for yourself. If you agree with me, think it makes sense that my wallet resembles my life, my wardrobe, my personal life and digital space, leave me a comment below. If you like this video, subscribe to our channel. Share this video with your friends and family; ask them to do the wallet test.

In fact, what you can do to have a little bit of fun, is when you go meet your friends or are at a family gathering, ask someone for their wallet. Have a look and say, ‘I think your personal drawer also might be in a mess’. Just for fun! 🙂

Test it yourself and with others. I hope you learnt something with this video. Keep watching this space for more. Stay Alive and stay Fearless. Dream big and stay strong! See you soon in the next video. Thank you for watching.

About The Author

Murtaza Badri

Murtaza Badri Speaker, Trainer & Life Coach Founder, CMD Badri’s life Transformation Academy Pvt.Ltd A peak performance strategist, relationship expert and a Life Transformational speaker, Murtaza has impacted well over twenty five thousand lives from different backgrounds, age groups, cultures around the world. He delivers fresh and transformational content in his “Alive & Fearless” programs via the power of Internet, Seminar’s, Coaching programs & Mastermind groups. He aims to empower people to go beyond what they think they can do, to what they are actually capable of doing, TODAY! Member of Experts Industry Association, USA. Murtaza is a M.Sc. in Psychology from Madras University, India. He is a certified Fire Walk Instructorfrom (FIRE) Fire Institute of Research and Education, USA, and a certified Facilitator and Trainer from Carlton Advance Management Institute, USA. He is also a certified NLP Practitioner,Timeline Therapy practitioner and a Hypnosis Therapy Practitioner from ANLP, UK. His mission is to support individuals find a purpose in life and align their actions to becoming the highest possible being that he/she would love to become. He believes that every person has the power to be, have & do whatever his/her heart desires. The only gap is a lack of imagination and a belief that he cannot.