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How To Stop Overthinking And Make Decision With Confidence.

Have you ever had a decision making struggle? Like which clothes to wear or what to eat or even bigger more important decisions like which career or business or life partner…and it goes on and on and on.

There is a reason why we struggle taking decisions and it goes way back while we were growing up. Watch the video to learn the 2 major reasons we struggle with decisions and 3 quick powerful mindsets you can deploy for confident, reliable decision making.

If you don’t learn the new way of taking decisions and keep making the same mistakes… you will probably face more challenges and heartaches.

The Alive & Fearless always follows the steps mentioned in the video and confidently moves forward rather than over-thinking and self-doubt.

I have answered a question from a lady in Nagpur, India… see if it relates to you and your life.

If you have any doubts, leave me a comment below the video on YouTube and do share with your family and friends to help them in their decision-making process.

Stay Alive, Stay Fearless!
Dream BIG, Stay Strong.

 – Murtaza

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How To Stop Overthinking And Take Decision With Confidence.

Hi! This is Murtaza Badri and I hope you are Alive and Fearless, and living a life you love every single day!

Today’s video is about taking decisions and the struggle that we go through in taking decisions. There are two reasons why we cannot take decisions confidently! And there are three things that you can you do to take decisions; not only take the decision but also maintain it without any doubt.

I'm taking a question from one of our subscribers today. She’s a lady from Nagpur, India and her question is,

“I want to be independent and confident about myself. I want to live a stress free life; I want to be financially and mentally independent because I have always stressed myself when I was studying and even after doing my job, I can't take decisions by myself. I over think a lot and doing this is affecting me everywhere including my health, relationship, career and in getting married. Kindly help!”

Now the entire question revolves around taking decisions effectively. I remember when I started this career I was also asked to take a decision whether I want to go and do engineering or I want to pursue my passion. There are two reasons why I struggled and I found out these two reasons:

1) I wanted people’s acknowledgment; I wanted people to say, ‘Yes go to do it’. Because I wanted to do it for people and I always struggled about it; talking to people, asking ‘Should I do this or should I not do this; what do you think?’

Honestly, there are these people who will say, ‘Go do it’ and then there's another set of people, saying ‘Don't!’

Now which one do you listen? That’s one big major dilemma! The reason I wanted people’s approval was the second reason why we struggle in taking decisions.

2) That is the outcome! ‘What if I don't get the correct outcome?’ is a question we all have. “What if I fail; what if I fall; what are people going to say?”

These two things - people and the outcome rotate around one word which is fear!

We have fear of criticism, fear of losing, fear of not making someone happy.. the list goes on! Our entire decision-making, thinking and over thinking again and again, comes down to these two things which is fear driven - ‘I want people to approve of my decision’ and ‘I want a good outcome’. ‘I don't want to fail, I don’t want to fall!’

Let me give you some good news! Everybody fails; everybody falls at one point of time in their lives. It's not something that one can avoid!

The lady asking the question says, “I am over thinking because I want to be independent and I want to be mentally stress-free; I don't want stress.”

What can she do to get the results? 3 quick solutions to take decisions confidently - here we go.

1) You need to take the decision by listening to your own heart.

Who’s heart? Your heart! Not your spouse's heart, not your friend’s, father’s, mother’s, or sibling’s heart, but your own heart. When I had this question, there was nobody I could go for an answer. I had to listen to my heart in order to be a speaker, trainer and life coach. When my heart said, ‘Go for it’, I did. There is no logic when you listen to your heart; because your heart tells you go and do it. And it’s good because it really comes from within.

And a lot of times, we silence the heart, based on logic. Because it doesn't make sense, people are saying no, it’s logically not correct, statistically not correct. It’s what your heart tells you to do it, so do it. First things first, you must listen to your own heart!

Just to give you a quick tip. When you want to listen to your heart, be at a peaceful environment, go out to a garden, go for a walk, calm your mind down and then listen to your heart say. Ask, ‘What do I really want to do, what is my heart telling me..’ and find out.

2) The second is to listen to your heart and do it for your own self.

Because when you're listening to your heart and you doing it only for yourself, there’s only one reason you want to take this decision - to do it or not to do it; to go forward or not.

In her question, she is stating that, “I have challenge with my marriage”.

Now, addressing her directly, when you have a candidate for marriage, you want to listen to your heart. Only marry this person for your own self. No matter what logic says; maybe your parents are not so happy; maybe your friends are not so happy; on the contrary maybe people are saying, ‘Go, marry this person!’ (when you might not want to!)

What does your heart say? We have this gut feeling! If your gut decision says, “Yes! I want to marry this person” or “No! I don’t want to marry this person.” Do what you have to, and only for your own self.

3) You want to trust your creator.

When you are listening to your heart, you doing it for your own self, you have to trust your creator. You have to trust your creator to the extent that you give your 100 percent, being Alive and Fearless!

When I jumped into being a speaker, trainer and life coach, there was no looking back. I kept moving forward; I had to! There were falls, there were failures, there were bad things as well as good things; everything happened! But I trusted my creator all throughout. I thought, whatever happens or whatever is happening is happening due to a particular reason and that only my creator knows.

I have already taken my decision, I'm going to move forward, I'm going to listen to my heart and I'm going to do it for my own self and not for anybody else. Then I am going to go ahead and trust my creator.

Then boom! You are alive and you are fearless; you have nothing to worry about. Whatever results will follow, you will deal with it, you will be able to forward, no matter what!

I hope this video helps you in taking a decision that you are struggling with. Share it with someone you know is stuck in taking a decision. It could be marriage, business or any other health related question that you are dealing with to move forward. Again,

  1. Listen to your heart,
  2. Do it for your own self
  3. Go ahead and trust your creator.

If you have any questions, post it below this video. If you want to ask me something personally, go to and opt-in to get a link, where you can post your questions.

P.S. We normally take the questions without revealing the names so the identity is not revealed. 🙂

Stay Alive, Stay Fearless! Dream Big, Stay Strong!

And I’ll see you in the next video.

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