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How to Overcome Negative Experiences and Bad Memories

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why me?” “Why did this bad incident happen with me?”

This could be with your self or a relationship with a close family member, with a  friend, at work with your colleague or boss, a business partner or even a complete stranger.

Well it’s life and often things don’t go according to our plan or desires…and when a negative thing happens, we are all moved, shattered, upset and sometimes even resentful to a point of pain and suffering.

It surprises me that some people hold on to a handful of negative experiences and bad memories when there is so much to appreciate and be thankful for.

I am sure you want to overcome these negative experiences or bad memories and move on in life. You want to let go and not allow your past to haunt, stop or limit you today in life.

In this video I share 4 reasons why you are not able to let go… and 3 simple steps to overcome these experiences and bad memories today.

I know it might sound difficult, but it very easy if you truly want to overcome all your negative experiences and bad memories.

Watch the entire video and follow the instructions and you will finally feel the freedom that one feels when free from all the negative experiences and bad memories of the past.

Leave a comment and share if these three steps work for you.

Also share this video with someone who is struggling with their past bad memories and help them overcome it.

Stay Alive, Stay Fearless!
Dream BIG, Stay Strong.

- Murtaza

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How do I overcome negative experiences and bad memories? Are those from the past still haunting you today? Are they stopping you from moving forward in life?

Do you want to get over these negative experiences?

I will share with you four reasons why these negative experiences keep coming to you today in the present?

  1. You have still not accepted it.

Something happened or somebody did something to you and you are not able to accept it. From so many good memories, this bad one is still staying with you in the present.

Maybe you are blaming yourself or someone. Maybe you could have done something better. Whatever it was, it happened. Chances are since you haven't accepted it, it is with you as a negative memory.

  1. The big question - Why me?

Whatever happened, you feel ‘why did you go through the experience’.

The answer to this question is maybe this was your chance to grow. Maybe God wanted you to go through a difficult time so you could grow and learn. When people go through negative experience, what they come out as I much more stronger, energetic and positive.

The ‘why me’ is the reason you have been holding on to it.

  1. Emotional hurt

It hurts when you think about it, it changes your physiology even today. It limits you from moving forward. It is harming you in all areas of life.

This hurt that you are holding on to makes this negative memory alive in your mind.

  1. Not given forgiveness

You haven't forgiven the people associated with the hurt. It could be physically and verbal abuse or even much more. You are not able to forgive whoever did this to you. It might be someone else or it might be you yourself.

If not understand and are sorry, it's time for you to forgive and move on.

Let's get to the three steps to get over the negative emotions immediately.

  1. Acceptance

You might have become who you are because of the experience. But if you don't accept it, what are you going to do about it?

The only person affected and harmed by this today is you. People who have done and said things have already moved on. It is you who is still holding this negative emotion in your heart.

Don't forget in a way that it didn't happen. Forget it in a way that it was in the past; something you cannot change.

  1. Forgive

Forgive the person, or people who did this to you.

If you don't, you will hoard it in your heart and it will consume you. So forgiving doesn't mean you are okaying what the person did to you, but you are being the person who doesn't want to hold it in. You are the person who wants to let it go and move ahead.

  1. Create positive experiences and good memories

Cherish the good ones from the past and go ahead create new ones for life. 🙂

You cannot eliminate or push negative. The only way to do it is to create new, positive and good memories today. 🙂

Stay Alive, stay Fearless. Dream big stay strong.

Stay tuned for the next video. Thank you!

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Murtaza Badri

Murtaza Badri Speaker, Trainer & Life Coach Founder, CMD Badri’s life Transformation Academy Pvt.Ltd A peak performance strategist, relationship expert and a Life Transformational speaker, Murtaza has impacted well over twenty five thousand lives from different backgrounds, age groups, cultures around the world. He delivers fresh and transformational content in his “Alive & Fearless” programs via the power of Internet, Seminar’s, Coaching programs & Mastermind groups. He aims to empower people to go beyond what they think they can do, to what they are actually capable of doing, TODAY! Member of Experts Industry Association, USA. Murtaza is a M.Sc. in Psychology from Madras University, India. He is a certified Fire Walk Instructorfrom (FIRE) Fire Institute of Research and Education, USA, and a certified Facilitator and Trainer from Carlton Advance Management Institute, USA. He is also a certified NLP Practitioner,Timeline Therapy practitioner and a Hypnosis Therapy Practitioner from ANLP, UK. His mission is to support individuals find a purpose in life and align their actions to becoming the highest possible being that he/she would love to become. He believes that every person has the power to be, have & do whatever his/her heart desires. The only gap is a lack of imagination and a belief that he cannot.

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