How to achieve goals…Clearing the path

How to achieve goals…

People teach goal setting, but no one teaches how to achieve goals and what is the first step to take after you set your goals. In this video, find out how to achieve goals…and the first step to take immediately after you set your goals!

It’s 2nd Monday of 2018, we began our journey last week…

Let’s have an Alive & Fearless Week and set some goals for the week…

Negative people wanted me to do what they felt was right for me…and could not go beyond their limited thinking… so to stop negativity from entering my system…. I had to do something…. safeguard my mind from naysayers, critics and people who only believe in complaining, blaming and survival… they live like victims of life and must be detected and detached from.

Once you have your 3 big goals for 2018…break them down to monthly goals and weekly goals. You will have a 52-week plan and then…take 10X action.

But as you move forward and achieve your goals… it’s important to focus on eliminating negativity from 3 areas of life.

  1. Your mind
  2. Your relations
  3. Media

Watch the video for details.

I am also creating videos in hindi as part of my 2018 goals to help more people live a life they love. It’s really fun once you stretch your skills and be Alive & Fearless : )

I hope these videos are helping you push past whatever is stopping you from living an Alive & Fearless life and achieving your goals. 

Stay Alive! Stay Fearless!
Dream BIG, Stay Strong.

– Murtaza

Stay tuned for the next video. Thank you!

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About The Author

Murtaza Badri

Murtaza Badri Speaker, Trainer & Life Coach Founder, CMD Badri’s life Transformation Academy Pvt.Ltd A peak performance strategist, relationship expert and a Life Transformational speaker, Murtaza has impacted well over twenty five thousand lives from different backgrounds, age groups, cultures around the world. He delivers fresh and transformational content in his “Alive & Fearless” programs via the power of Internet, Seminar’s, Coaching programs & Mastermind groups. He aims to empower people to go beyond what they think they can do, to what they are actually capable of doing, TODAY! Member of Experts Industry Association, USA. Murtaza is a M.Sc. in Psychology from Madras University, India. He is a certified Fire Walk Instructorfrom (FIRE) Fire Institute of Research and Education, USA, and a certified Facilitator and Trainer from Carlton Advance Management Institute, USA. He is also a certified NLP Practitioner,Timeline Therapy practitioner and a Hypnosis Therapy Practitioner from ANLP, UK. His mission is to support individuals find a purpose in life and align their actions to becoming the highest possible being that he/she would love to become. He believes that every person has the power to be, have & do whatever his/her heart desires. The only gap is a lack of imagination and a belief that he cannot.