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How To Build Your Self-Worth

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How To Build Self-Worth & Steps To Take Back Control Of Your Life


“I'm afraid what will people say.”

“What if they think bad about me?”

“Why did he say that to me? It was rude and mean!”

Did you find yourself in any of the above expressions?

Do you fear what people think and revolve your life around changing people's opinions about you?

Today's topic is Self-worth. And how can it help you get over your fear of people's opinions?

There are people struggling doing things or not doing things, just because they want to avoid someone thinking bad about them. They run their life on this notion that everybody should like them and not have a bad opinion about them.

Why do we really care about that? Why do we run our life according to someone else's opinions and thoughts?

The answer is because of low self-esteem. When your self-worth depends on other people, you are paralyzed and cannot move forward live an Alive and Fearless life, doing what you really want to do, listen to your heart, believe it and take action.

When other people give any negative comment or give you an opinion, if you know your self-worth, there's no need to get affected by that. The people that matter in your life are you and your loved ones. Care about them but at the same time don't go crazy trying to control what did they say and why did they say it.

In this social media age, it's so easy to get a lot of mean comments. I get it too. Some people don't like me. But do I let that hit my self-esteem? No!

Because people will always say, no matter what you do. They are entitled to their opinions, but you should not let it get to your heart, head and health and affect your life.

What happens is, when we are affected by people's opinions, we make it our life's mission to change the opinions. Here someone said something, 'You are dumb or good for nothing' and there you go all out to change it. Some people even take an entire lifetime just to prove something to someone and change their opinion.

Do what you want for your own self, mind, life and for your own growth. Don't worry about what they are going to say, what they have said and then try to change it.

As long as you are Alive and Fearless and being a good person, then you're good. No need to hit your self-esteem because someone is saying something.

So what do we do for our self-esteem?

  1. Focus on your Why. Why are you doing it, your reason and if that makes you happy and fulfilled, go ahead and do it.
  2. Focus on your what. Once you have the why in place, find out what needs to be done. Act on it. It's your choice and your life.

Me being in this field is my choice. I had a lot of negative comments when I started out. But I didn't let that affect me. I didn't let anybody walk over my self-esteem.

I hope this video helps you bring back your self-esteem and self-worth, get the control of life and prevent you from handing over the control of your life to other people's opinions.

Thank you for watching.

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Stay Alive, stay Fearless. Dream big stay strong.
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