build self-worth

How To Build Your Self-Worth

How To Build Self-Worth & Steps To Take Back Control Of Your Life FULL VIDEO TRANSCRIPT “I’m afraid what will people say.” “What if they think bad about me?” “Why did he say that to me? It was rude and mean!” Did you find yourself in any of the above expressions? Do you fear what…

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Get your husband to listen to you

How to Get Your Husband To Listen To You

     FULL VIDEO TRANSCRIPT + SUMMARY From a wife’s perspective, the most NOT advised question that you must never ask your husband is the ‘either or question’ choose me or your mother. That’s a very dangerous question to ask because 99% of the sons are going to take their mother’s side. You are a mother…

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21st century successfull business strategy

Strategy For 21st Century Business Success

If you don’t change the way you run your business, you might not have a business to run. Business is changing in the 21st Century due to an open market and customers having more information on their fingertips via google and e-commerce portals. Make this small yet significant change and you will start aligning your…

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The Solution To All Your Problems

I developed the solution to all my problems… denial or blame. Depending on the problem or situation… I would either deny any problem existed or just blame someone for the result I did not like. But quickly I learned that this solution was not very effective and nothing was changing in my life… in fact…

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why study_parenting struggle

How To Study For Exam: Making it Fun & Interesting

How To Study For Exams: Making it Fun & Interesting for Students मेरी माँ कहती थी …. (my mom use to tell me) पढ़ले …. (study) कुछ बन …. (become someone) When I look back… I do agree to what my mom use to tell me. But I don’t agree with the reason why she…

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Decide when to leave (divorce) or commit in Marriage

How To Decide When To Leave Or When To Commit In Marriage

Have you ever yelled, fought or gotten upset with your spouse! I know I have : ) I believe marriage is a holy partnership that is based on the highest form of spiritual and emotional connection. This is a relationship where both parties get naked (pun intended ; ) and have seen and felt each…

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stop being a people pleaser

Why You Must Stop Being A People Pleaser.

Everyone loves attention and wants to be noticed that they exist and matter. They want to contribute in some way, to feel worthy… that’s fine, nothing wrong in this… …the problem is how they go about trying to get love and attention. If you lose your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth… then it’s really not worth…

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How to Start Something New

How To Start Something New (4 Steps)

After a lot of email, comments and DM’s, I finally decided to start recording Hindi blog videos. I am doing this for those who would enjoy Hindi as well as for those who understand better when explained in Hindi. I have used the video as an example to explain what are the steps one needs…

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The Group Theory for Success

The Group Theory: Your Peer Group Equals Your Success

Have you ever felt like breaking free and running away from everything…to just be free and live a life of your choice… well, that’s exactly what I did and landed up lonely. I broke free but had to cope with being alone. The only moral support and friends I had were my mentors and a…

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Golden Rules of Parenting

3 Golden Rules To Change Your Child’s Behavior

I have a solution for parents who are struggling with their child’s behavior.It could be stubbornness, aggression, lying, disrespect, back answering, hyperactive, attention disorder or something else, it really does not matter. The solution is to follow 3 Rules that I personally use and have explained in the video. I promise you will see a…

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