quality of life - question to ask

Quality of Life = Quality of Question You ASK YOURSELF

The quality of life = the quality of the questions you ask yourself on a daily basis. Todays Alive & Fearless Monday I want to help you ask this question. I have always asked myself this question and if the answer was negative… my primary duty was to change it to positive. The question is,…

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how to deal with angry people

How To Handle and Help Angry People In Your Life

How To Handle and Help Angry People In Your Life Today’s Alive & Fearless Monday…I want to give you some tricks and steps you can use immediately to deal with angry people at home or at work and at the same time help them get over this habit. I learned these tricks and techniques from…

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How To Overcome Financial Struggle

How to overcome financial struggle I always thought, what are the most successful people’s mindset and strategies… and kept searching, reading and testing with my business and self in the last 18 years… and finally found two which I have been using and getting results. Would love to share it with you so you can…

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Living Abroad Without Your Family is Not Called LIFE.

Living Abroad Without Family is Not Called LIFE. This Alive & Fearless Monday, I want to help put the family back together again… Men often go abroad to study, get a good job or set-up business with an agenda to make a fortune and then either return back home or call their family who is…

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How to be Happy in Marriage Forever

How to be Happy in Marriage Forever In college I was so excited to find my soulmate and get married, aren’t we all : ) Then we find the perfect one… then starts the courtship period… the best days before marriage. Finally, the big day arrives and we get married… all the excitement, happiness and…

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How To Raise Responsible Kids : 3 Strategies

3 Strategies To Raise Responsible Kids Parents automatically start parenting their kids with the best of all that they can do and give… and this is where the problem starts…This Alive & Fearless Monday is dedicated to parents : ) Father’s are not ATM machines and Mother’s are not unpaid Maid If you are a…

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How to achieve goals…Clearing the path

How to achieve goals… People teach goal setting, but no one teaches how to achieve goals and what is the first step to take after you set your goals. In this video, find out how to achieve goals…and the first step to take immediately after you set your goals! It’s 2nd Monday of 2018, we began our…

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First Step Towards Success In Any Area Of Your Life

A very happy new year! It’s 1st of January and it happens to be a Monday…I am beginning a new blog series called “Alive & Fearless Monday” to help you push forward, guide you and support you to live a life you love. This series is specially crafted to help you in your day-to-day life challenges…

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3 Strategies For Success In 2018

3 Strategies For Success In New Year 2018  In December I planned a four country tour and started implementing 3 strategies to gain momentum and enter 2018 to impact my personal growth, marriage, parenting and business. Celebrating all the wins and losses and preparing for another year of adventure and growth. I believe new year…

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Why Most People Fail To Make Money In Business.

Why Most People Fail To Make Money In Business. To start a business… is to offer a product or service in the marketplace, so that individuals and businesses can use the product or service and live better lives and/or do better business. Often we see and hear businessmen focused on making money in business, they…

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